The median price for single-family homes in Quebec increased slightly by 2% in 2016. It now stands at around $ 234,500. Condominiums have also gained in value, but not so much, according to data from the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards.

Would you be able to name the residential market that had the highest price growth relative to 2015?

It is Saint-Calixte in Lanaudière that is at the top of the charts for single-family homes. With a median price of nearly $ 125,000, house prices increased by 40%.

It is followed by Bromont, Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, Verdun and town Mount-Royal

In terms of condominiums, it was in Sherbrooke that they took the most value. They sold an average of $ 230,000 in the Jacques-Cartier borough, an increase of 31%.

Average sales times in Quebec are 108 days in major cities and 153 days elsewhere in the province.

The areas with the fastest-selling residences are Dorval and Pincourt in Montérégie, where it takes 73 days to complete a sale.

Pont-Rouge in the Quebec City region, with 129 properties sold, is the city with the highest activity in the province, followed by Hudson in Montérégie and Saint-Amable.

Is the real estate market a market of buyers or sellers?

"In many places for single-family homes we are in a relatively balanced market. In the Montreal area, on the other hand, it's mostly a market for sellers, "says Paul Cardinal of the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards.

Finally, Westmount that the highest transaction was recorded with a sale of $ 8,245,000.