May 11, 2020 Adresz real estate brokers resume their activity

Starting May 11, 2020, by government decree 505-2020, the ADRESZ real estate brokers have resumed their activity 100%.



As we started our visit on the lower-level lounge and said hey to R1-B1, I felt for a few moments transported to the Star Wars universe of R2-D2 and C-3PO.



An enthralling blend of North American fervor and European charm, with a dynamic cultural scene, rich gastronomy, festival after festival, gathering places where creativity is expressed without limits... bilingual Montreal is a fun city to visit and to make your home.

Nun's Island

Montreal 2018 - Cold Temperatures - Hot Real Estate Market

It is real cold outside, but real estate prices in Montreal are getting hotter and hotter.

Montreal night-time skyline with Adresz

Live, work, play concept taking hold in Montreal

Right now, everything is moving in the right direction for Montreal as a whole, in terms of confidence, economic growth and employment. Cranes crowd the Montreal skyline these days as a strong economy and political stability are fueling a construction frenzy throughout the downtown core and beyond.

ADRESZ offers you a powerful resource

The Canadian real estate market is soaring to new heights with the largest third quarter resale housing activity ever recorded. According to CREA the number of home sales in the third quarter of 2009 totalled 135,182 units.

What is Advanced Real Estate Services from A to Z?

More and more new and experienced agents alike are trying to figure it out what's all the buzz about ADRESZ  and its outstanding results. What is Advanced Real Estate Services from A to Z?

Weapons of Mass Attraction

Today, we present you our new and modern WEAPONS OF MASS ATTRACTION.